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Expand your reach with minimal investment. Industry Connect offers a dynamic, low-cost platform to promote, educate, and sell your products and services to larger audiences of key players. Track every lead, interaction, and inquiry. Triumph over tighter budgets.

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Why Attend

A rapidly changing business landscape calls for an innovative approach to business development and networking. The Energy Connect Virtual Trade Show and Conference is dedicated to creating the most accessible oil and gas events globally. Advances in the 'Industrial Internet of Things' (IIoT) are poised to revolutionize this asset-intensive industry at a time when it is needed the most. Leveraging new technology to accelerate production, efficiency, and safety and to maximize cost-saving benefits.

Energy Connect 2019 will bring together worldwide operators, EPCs, regulators, technology providers, and all other major stakeholders to share their insights on capitalizing on IIoT and spearheading the industry back into optimal business growth.

Energy Connect will offer its speakers and exhibitors a dedicated virtual space to showcase and demonstrate their services through their virtual booth and webinar presentations.

Who Should Attend

If you are an E&P senior manager and wish to employ, explore and understand IoT technologies and how Machine Learning and Big Data tools and strategies can not only help you survive but make you profitable and competitive, we look forward to seeing you at the Energy Connect Digital Conference and Expo in May 21-22 2019.

The conference will focus on strategic challenges for the energy industry and help answer key questions for E&P businesses interested in improving operational efficiency.

Attendance should also include:

Upstream E&P operators, midstream companies, petrochemical, lubricant, refinery and processing plants in addition to EPC and Oilfield Service Companies with the following job titles :

VPs, Directors, Heads, Major Project, Managers, Leads of:
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Digitization Lead
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Head of Emerging Technology
  • Chief Architect
  • Head of Data Analytics
  • Head of IT
  • Digital Strategy
  • Automation Lead
In addition to:
  • Consultancy and training firms
  • Drilling Companies
  • IT software, hardware and solution providers
  • Cloud and network services

Confirmed Attendance


Tuesday 21 May, 2019

 8:00 am MST

Panel Discussion

speaker Moderated by Geoffrey Cann ( Discussion The Digitalization Of the Oil and Gas Industry )

Panelists include:

speaker Joy Romero VP Technologies, CNRL
speaker Terry Chmelyk Vice President | Spartan Controls
speaker Vicki Knott P,Eng CEO and Co-founder of Crux OCM
speaker Dr. Soheil Asgarpour Ph.D, P.Eng.


 9:00 am
speaker Akram Ahmad Principal Software Engineer, Dell Technologies

Presentation Topic: The IoT market is inherently heterogeneous, and the majority of the challenges are at the Edge (Edge computing essentially pushes applications, data and computing power (services) away from centralized points to the logical extremes of a network.) Learn about an approach to taming (1) Hundreds of protocols, (2) Mix of IP and non-IP connectivity, (3) Widely distributed computing nodes, often in unsecured areas, and (4) Need for real-time response, regardless of backend connectivity.

 9:30 am
speaker Dave Lafferty President Scientific Technical Services

 Presentation Topic: How IIoT & Edge Computing Brings Value To The Oil & Gas Industry.

 10:00 am
speaker Stina Brock SVP North America at Electron

Presentation Topic: Using Blockchain to Unlock the Value of Distributed Energy Resources
This presentation will explain how blockchain can be used to create a shared digital infrastructure for the grid, which allows distributed energy resources to provide energy services to the electric grid, benefiting both consumers and utilities / grid operators.

 11:00 am
speaker Mark Sombach Digital Innovation Specialist/Group Lead

Presentation Topic: Panel Discussion (Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas)
Digital Innovations in asset tracking and monitoring
“Cenovus Energy has been researching and experimenting with new digital technologies to assist in tracking billions of dollars in equipment” I will also touch on other experiments with Image Recognition and Connected worker.

 12:00 pm



 12:30 pm
speaker Ken Anderson CD ICS Architect, Operational Cyber Security - ATCO Group
 1:00 pm
speaker Dr. Claudio Lima Global CTO, VP of Innovation

Presentation Topic: Blockchain-Enabled Oil & Gas Services and Operation

 2:00 pm
speaker David Whitten Senior Executive Consultant with Prestonwood Energy

Presentation Topic: IOT 101: Foundation for the Future.

 3:00 pm
speaker Jon Trask Block Chain Guru

Presentation Topic: Blockchain & IoT: The Key to Unlocking Logistics Performance

  • - Enhanced Visibility
  • - Blockchain & ERP/Transportation Management Systems
  • - IoT Sensor Integration

Wednesday 22 May, 2019

 8:00 am MST

Panel Discussion

speaker Moderated by Geoffrey Cann ( Discussion The Digitalization Of the Oil and Gas Industry )

Panelists include:

speaker Chris Leonard (Director Strategy and Digital Transformation)
speaker Jeff Lafrenz President VizWorx
speaker Mark Sombach Digital Innovation Specialist/Group Lead
speaker Dan Giurescu Visionary. Strategizer. Idea Accelerator. Serial Entrepreneur.


 9:00 am
speaker Greg Bollella, Ph.D. CTO, Internet-of-Things VMware, Inc.
 10:00 am
speaker Patrick Reilly Managing Partner – Technology, Vista Projects

Presentation title: The Benefits of a Data-centric Approach in Facility Engineering

 11:00 am
speaker James Graham GuildOne

Presentation title: Monitoring Hydrocarbons Throughout the Value Chain with Blockchain

 12:00 pm



 1:00 pm
speaker Abhishek GoswamiSnr Commercial Advisor/Production Geosciences, Shell UK
 2:00 pm
speaker Bryan Pederson Executive VP - Amalto Technologies North America

Presentation title: WFT?! (Why Field Tickets?!)

 3:00 pm
speaker Zach Parston Manager, Global Infrastructure Advisory KPMG in Canada
speaker Helen Mott Director, Global Infrastructure Advisory KPMG in Canada

Positive Disruption in infrastructure, asset management and capital projects: To maximize return on investment (ROI), digital transformation and technology implementations for major projects, or infrastructure asset management need to be aligned to business priorities, guided by strategy, and sensitive to the capacity and culture of the organization. This presentation will outline preparation strategies to set your organization up for positive digital disruption.

Energy Connect

is a two-day virtual trade show dedicated to connecting businesses in the Oil and Gas Industry

Feature your products, services, and technologies while you network with other industry experts, attend educational seminars, and track all your leads and data. Expand your connections and better your business.
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The Energy Connect Platform combined with our 10 years of Webinar and Webcast experience will ensure your success.


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With multiple polling formats, surveys and feedback forms, Energy Connect lets you capture real time information about your audience during your webinar.


Provide downloadable white papers, case studies or drive your audience to websites and other calls to action.


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We track everything your audience does and provide it back to you in an intuitive dashboard, which helps determine which webinar attendees are the most sales-ready. With over 24 categories of data on every attendee you will be able to track attention, engagement and all calls to action they responded to while attending your webinar.

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The ELITE Webinar Platform is designed for the enterprise with tools and customizations that allow you to put your brand first and customize every aspect of your audience’s experience.


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Your webinar attendees will be able to access the platform anytime, anywhere and on any device without the need for annoying downloads, plugins or apps. Customers who make the switch from using meeting tools such as WebEx or GoToMeeting experience an uptake in viewership without changing any aspect of their webinar program.

Take Your Event Online And Increase Engagement Opportunities

It makes sense to make it easy for your audience. 93% of those who attend the webcast or webinar version of live events would not have attended in person.

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Understanding Your Exhibitor Experience

Our event offers exhibitors industry insights unparalleled by any other industry event. With our platform you will receive detailed analytics on who visited your booth and what they clicked on and downloaded, and you will engage with attendees from across Canada and the globe in real time.

Our exhibitor’s webinar platform is the #1 technology for driving high-quality leads with deep engagement and clear analytics. Attendees can ask questions live, take polls provided by exhibiting companies, and engage with other attendees through our platform or through social media. After your presentation has been broadcast live, it will remain available online for on-demand viewing for further streaming. If you’re looking for incredible ROI, your search is over!


Innovation and technology are transforming the way we design, plan, and manage construction projects, while effectively influencing strategic marketing. Energy Connect’s virtual trade show is a perfect example of how maximizing technology can make business development leaner, smarter, and more efficient in the context of our increasingly competitive market.

Laurent Nadeau
Director of Marketing and Communication at DCM Group, Event Platinum Sponsor

Helping You Receive a Measurable ROI

On average, the sales cycle after industry shows typically lasts 6-12 months. This means that how you nurture the leads you gather from the Energy Connect will determine what kind of ROI you will see as an exhibitor. For this reason, we have partnered with Active Conversion to offer exhibitors a better opportunity to understand their leads and their sales cycle to ensure they generate a measurable ROI from our event in May 2019.

What is this platform actually capable of?

From your customized booth space, to the live chat, on-demand webinars, and live video capabilities, Energy Connect Virtual Conference offers you advantages only possible on a well designed, digital platform.


  • Virtual booth space, branded and customized
  • Live text, audio, group, or one-on-one chat options
  • Multiple customizable resources to make your experience successful
  • Attend or host business and industry webinars
  • A digital swag bag
  • Extensive analytic and lead generation tools
  • Support for up to 30 days after the show
  • Custom reporting
  • Full technical support from our virtual show partners

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